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Brynner Ferreira


  • Paulo Querido

    Paulo Querido

    Cidadão europeu. Integrador de ideias.

  • Eliezer Cardoso

    Eliezer Cardoso

    Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder in Vanner

  • Ronaldo Gazel

    Ronaldo Gazel

  • Eliot Sun

    Eliot Sun

    CEO, Co-founder @Kloudless. Mathematics @UCBerkeley. I like Iron Man, white t-shirts, ice cream, and eating dinosaurs. I get in trouble a lot. — @suneliot

  • Felipe de Araujo

    Felipe de Araujo

    How much text can I add here? I am gonna keep writing until the limit of text stop me. Is it like twitter used to be with 140 characters? No it allows 160 chara

  • Gabriel Laet

    Gabriel Laet

    CPO — Product & Engineering @emcasa

  • Mobiclub


    Descubra a opinião de seus clientes, crie campanhas especiais para eles, fidelize, conquiste novos clientes e melhore o desempenho de seu negócio com Mobiclub!

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